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Assurance, Risk Management, IT, Business Consultancy, Data Science and Academy: Navigating Today's Challenges and Pioneering Future Innovation.

Fortis Auxilium has expertise in areas of Assurance, Risk management, IT, Business Consultancy, Data Science and Academy. Having worked in international organisations at senior and executive management level, the founding members of Fortis Auxilium noticed the scarcity of professional consultancy firms which provide their services on equitable and justifiable profit margins. The firm was created in direct response to this very challenge, to provide high quality professional services at a price which is commensurately equitable to: i) the experience of staff utilised on the project; and ii) the costs of providing these services. Our innovative operational model allows us to drastically cut our overheads and allows us to offer qualified resources with blue chip experience at highly competitive rates.

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Our Practice Area

Assurance, Risk Management, IT, Business Consultancy, Data Science and Academy firm specialising in solutions to help public and private sector clients implement or enhance comprehensive business strategies

Internal Audit

Strengthening Organizational Integrity - Our Internal Audit services offer comprehensive assessments to improve your governance, risk management, and control processes, ensuring operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.

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Strategic Tax Planning - Navigate the complexities of tax laws with our expert tax planning services designed to minimize liability and enhance business profitability.

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Expert Financial Insight - From financial reporting to strategic accounting, our services are tailored to support your business objectives and financial stability.

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Ensuring legal conformity across operations, our Compliance-Legal services focus on regulatory compliance, reducing risks, and maintaining the legal integrity of your business practices.

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Protect your data and secure your digital assets with our Information-Security services. Our strategies are designed to guard against threats and ensure your information remains confidential and intact.

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Advanced Modeling techniques to predict risks and outcomes. Our services provide quantitative and qualitative analysis to support your decision-making processes and optimize performance.

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Minimize and manage risks effectively with our Risk-Control services. We offer tailored solutions to mitigate threats and enhance your business resilience.

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Digital Transformation

Embrace innovation and drive growth with our Digital Transformation services. We help businesses leverage technology to optimize processes, improve customer experiences, and stay ahead in the digital age.

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Blockchain Consultancy

Unlock the potential of blockchain technology with our Blockchain Consultancy services. Our experts provide strategic guidance and technical expertise to help you integrate blockchain solutions effectively into your business processes.

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Information Technology

We build IT and Digital products and solutions which simplify, strengthen and transform business. We are a partner you can count on for results-driven digital products and platforms.

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Data Analytics

Unlock insights and drive informed decisions with our Data Analytics services. We offer advanced analytics solutions to help you analyze, interpret, and visualize data for improved business outcomes.

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Data Migration and Management

Streamline your data infrastructure with our Data Migration and Management services. We ensure seamless, secure transfers and efficient data handling to empower your business analytics and decision-making capabilities.

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Business Consulting

Our cross functional teams comprise forensic accountants, inhouse business specialist and legal experts who are adept at identifying and addressing the root cause of fraud.

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Environmental Consultancy

Protect the environment and ensure regulatory compliance with our Environmental Consultancy services. Our experts provide guidance and solutions to address environmental challenges and promote sustainability.

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Finance Advisory

Optimize financial performance and make informed decisions with our Finance Advisory services. Our experts offer strategic guidance and personalized solutions to help you achieve your financial goals.

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Islamic Finance

Explore ethical and Sharia-compliant financial solutions with our Islamic Finance services. We offer tailored advice and products that adhere to Islamic principles, ensuring financial transactions are in line with your beliefs.

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Assessment & Conformance

Enhance your business with our assessment & conformance services. We provide comprehensive evaluations to ensure compliance with regulations, standards, and customer requirements.

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At Fortis Auxilium Academy, we merge critical disciplines such as Mathematics, Programming, Computational Methods, and Domain Expertise to launch innovative and leading careers in the field of scientific computing and modeling.

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Artificial Intelligence

We specialize in developing cutting-edge AI Systems! Journey through the remarkable innovation we've orchestrated in developing AI for some of the world's leading organizations. Step into a realm where possibilities are limit less and boundaries are reimagined. Explore the unparalleled impact of our out-of-the-box AI Systems, meticulously crafted for exceptional results.

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100+ years of collective experience in Risk Assessment, Audit, Finance, Compliance, IT and Analytics.

Our success in IT consulting encouraged us to expand into other complimentary assurance activities and extend our geographical footprint.

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