Khalij is our award-winning financial advisory partner. It is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK and is completely independent of any financial institutions. With over USD 1 billion assets under advisory, Khalij has worked around the world across all asset classes and product types.

With Khalij we can:

  • Provide end to end financial and investment advisory services across all asset classes (including real estate, infra-structure, aviation, oil & gas and energy) and financial instruments, including sukuk, funds, structured notes, private equity, and derivatives.
  • Conduct ethical finance audit and assurance reviews of all transactions, products and financial statements to confirm compliance with ethical rules and regulatory standards.
  • Help clients raise funds - With more than 300 investor relationships across Europe, GCC and Far East, Khalij has raised over USD 500 million in last 3 years.
  • Assist clients discretely dispose of assets across all asset types and jurisdictions. Khalij has helped its clients dispose financial instruments (including Equity, Debt etc), hard assets like real estate and unique assets like oil rigs, shipping and aviation assets in the Middle East, Europe and USA.
  • Source and originate assets - Assist clients to diversify the asset base or take exposure in a particular type of assets. This includes evaluating investment opportunities across various asset types including student accommodations, health care assets, offices, commercial real estate, structured notes, trade finance, leasing and aviation assets.
  • Work with clients' treasury functions to raise and place deposits, offer structured solutions to enhance yield on treasury deposits and provide FX and hedging solutions.
  • Help clients to securitise assets, issue notes or financial certificates using Khalij's UK based issuance platform in a time, cost and tax efficient manner. Each note can be issued in any major currency, with an ISIN and listed on a recognised stock exchange and clearable on Euroclear/Clearstream.
  • Offer clients a cost effective 24/7 online commodity trading platform where commodity is sold or purchased for liquidity purposes.
  • Organise training and educational programs on Islamic Finance.

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