Business and Project Consultancy

Fortis Auxilium provides support to investors looking to invest and businesses/corporates looking to raise funds or debt for their businesses. The support can be in terms of preparing and analysing business cases and /or feasibility studies through to identifying investors and arranging finance.

Investors/lenders would need to be satisfied regarding the efficiency of risk allocation and mitigation during the project lifecycle or business activity. Fundraising is particularly sensitive to the quality of risk management mechanisms in place, which if not addressed to the satisfaction of the sponsor/lender could stall the project's financial closure.

Our team of qualified accountants, tax advisers, project managers, lawyers and business consultants can assist you manage external stakeholders such as national and international regulators, external auditors, national and international tax authorities, lenders, project sponsors and/or investors.

Our Service Offerings

1. Project Management Consultancy

  • Project appraisals and analysis
  • Investment appraisal and assessment studies
  • Technology assessment and selection projects
  • Project site selection analysis
  • Upgrading, modernisation, capacity increase and expansion projects

2. Financial Analysis and Studies

  • Budgeting and cash flow forecasts
  • Merger, Acquisition, and takeover analysis
  • Partnership and Join Venture analysis and support
  • New product and sector analysis
  • Research and Development support
  • Invest/produce or buy/subcontract decisions
  • Business management performance analysis
  • Business plan preparation
  • Venture/angel capital studies
  • Working and/or risk capital studies
  • Alternative loan/currency analysis
  • Free zone and offshore studies
  • Market and product analyses and differentiation studies
  • Start-up and Incubation studies
  • Supplier credit and loan analysis
  • National/International Exim bank studies
  • SME incentives and financial resources support
  • EU, OECD, and UNDP social project services seeking funding
  • National/international tender document preparation

3. Legal Assistance and Support

  • Purchasing
  • Licensing
  • Development, and commercialisation of intellectual property and technology
  • Drafting and reviewing contractual contracts and agreements
  • Patent, and trademark filings
  • Company formation, dissolution, and sales
  • Property litigation
  • Information Technology law and litigation
  • Healthcare regulations and litigations

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