Predictive Models, a non-partner member firm of the Fortis Auxilium network of independent firms, dedicated on Effortless AI Integration for Healthcare Transformation

Predictive Modelling: Broadening Insights for Comprehensive Decision-Making and Beyond

Analyze, Forecast, Optimize - Strategic Excellence Across Business Functions

We provide comprehensive predictive models in Healthcare that capture elements of FAAI solutions. Our predictive models empower Healthcare organizations to anticipate future trends, outcomes, and behaviors by leveraging historical and current data. By utilizing machine learning algorithms, statistical techniques, and domain expertise, we craft precise models that enable proactive decision-making across business functions. From customer segmentation to market forecasting, our predictive models deliver actionable insights that help businesses stay ahead of market shifts, reduce risk exposure, and seize new opportunities.

Products we provide in Predictive Models Healthcare

MatRx: Revolutionizing Hospital Systems with AI

Precision Healthcare, Powered by Intelligence

MatRx (pronounced 'matrix') is a cutting-edge AI solution designed to transform hospital operations. Our mission: To err is human, to be precise is AI . The MatRX suite replaces human error with the unmatched accuracy of artificial intelligence. MatRx integrates a suite of AI technologies to optimise every aspect of hospital management, leading to:

  • Enhanced Patient Care: Automated electronic health records, advanced diagnostic tools (for early detection of cancer, eye diseases, and heart conditions etc.), treatment planning, drug recommendations, and expert decision support.
  • Cost & Operational Efficiency: Optimised medication management, seamless remote patient monitoring, and telemedicine capabilities. Significant reduction in doctors' time spent on disease diagnosis.
  • Data-Driven Excellence: Real-time analytics and reporting for informed decision-making and improved overall financial outcomes.

MatRx has successfully detected cancers initially missed by human doctors when implemented in Australian hospitals. This AI-powered automation safeguards patient well-being by minimising errors in diagnosis and prescriptions, ultimately reducing adverse events and enhancing hospital performance across the board.

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Predictive Models is our predictive modeling partner in the healthcare sector. With Predictive Models, we can deliver comprehensive predictive modeling services across various healthcare domains, including patient care, hospital management, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology, utilizing cutting-edge technology including AI and machine learning.

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At FAAI, we are leveraging the transformative power of AI by developing novel AI solutions to revolutionise three of the most critical sectors - healthcare, finance and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) commonly known as drones.

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